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-Clarity and direction-
for your growth

Develop a marketing plan tailor-made for your business – a plan that helps you reach your ideal customers and meet your growth targets.

-Are you facing any of these marketing challenges?-
1.Need more to grow your business but don’t know where to start?
2.With an uncertain economy, you need guidance and direction?
3.Struggling to differentiate your brand and penetrate the market?
4.Can’t rely on consultants because of expense and reliability?

-The Process-

Learning about your business and how you’re different

Your business is unique, but do your prospects know that? Are you able to clearly demonstrate how you provide more value than your competition? In a crowded marketplace, clear messaging is key. When you sign up for a Blueprint, we’ll start with a discovery session so we can learn about the things that make your business great.

Defining your ideal customers and clarifying your message

Define your ideal customers and develop messaging that speaks directly to them. Map out the full journey they go through – from their first interaction to their buying decision – so you’ll have everything in place to ensure they make the right decision and choose you.

Reviewing your SEO data and identifying content opportunities

For your ideal buyers to find you online, you need to show up high in their search results. The best way to do that is to create valuable content that your ideal customers and search engines will both love. Research keyword volume and competition to identify the content you need to get qualified search traffic.

Create a growth-driven website plan and campaign strategy

Use all the knowledge you can gather to create your tailored marketing plan. Use recommended pages and content to include on your website. Take the plan and implement it. Or hire JTEC to do your Digital Marketing for you. It’s completely up to you.